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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Biggest Robbery In Boxing

In this boxingscorecard blog i will be judging lots of boxing fights past and present and putting my scorecard on it. I will also when i can add video links to the fight. Another theme i hoping to put on boxingscorecard is the scores from the fight fans that frequent numerous boxing sites and forums to gauge if the REAL boxing judges scored a fight correctly AND if i did the same. With all the TV and Internet exposure i will also put the scores of the  EXPERTS (don't laugh) from SKY , HBO , ESPN, BOXING MAGAZINES etc and many many more boxing websites.

I hope you will enjoy my blog as I've been meaning to do this for some time. My first live fight of 2011 to be judged will be the European Bantamweight title fight between champion Jamie McDonnell vs Stephane Jamoye. This fight will be on SKY SPORTS on Saturday 22nd January starting at 8pm.

Below is a template of how this blog will be presented. The headline above "Biggest Robbery In Boxing" is a fight that i think is the worst judged fight in history. It is between champion Jose Luis Ramirez and Pernell Whitaker. The fight took place in France way back in 1988. My scorecard is followed by the judges scores , boxing 88 mag score and scores from some fight fans on and I have also added youtube links to the fight itself so feel free to watch the fight and comment on the terrible scoring.


Round 1.....whitaker 10-9
Round 2.....whitaker 10-9
Round 3.....whitaker 10-9
Round 4.....whitaker 10-9
Round 5.....whitaker 10-9
Round 6.....ramirez   9-10
Round 7.....ramirez   9-10
Round 8.....whitaker 10-9
Round 9.....whitaker 10-9
Round 10...whitaker 10-9
Round 11...whitaker 10-9
Round 12...whitaker 10-9

TOTAL.....118-110 Pernell Whitaker

Judges scorecards : Harry Gibbs......... 117-113 whitaker (the only sane judge there)
                              Newton Campos...118-113 ramirez
                              Louis Michel..........116-115 ramirez


boxing 88 score....118-111 whitaker
boxrec ave scores.117-111 whitaker or 118-110 whitaker
boxingscene ave....117-111 whitaker or 118-110 whitaker
Angelo Dundee.....had whitaker winning easily although in the commentary he doesn't give a scorecard
Dave Shipman (saddo boxing) said only the whitaker - chavez fight scorecard was worse than this

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  1. i hear you pernell was robbed on so many occassions because of his fighting style of being swift and slick... the biggest robbery of boxing history was pernell vs de la hoya... clearly...