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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Hearns The History Maker

Virgil Hill vs Thomas Hearns - WBA Light Heavyweight Title

On a warm summers night in Las Vegas Thomas "The Hitman" Hearns won the last of his 6 world titles by upsetting defending champion Virgil Hill on a unanimous decision. After 5 rounds of the fight it looked like native of North Dakota would remain champion as on my card anyway was out jabbing the Legendary Hearns.

Now theres something you don't see , Hearns getting out-jabbed. Infact in watching my Thomas Hearns career set i don't think I've seen anyone beat the Hitman in terms of jabs but that what Virgil Hill did in the rounds he won. Hill always had a great jab which served him right through his career. Its a pity he had not much else especially a right hand. In this fight at the old Caesars Palace it was the right hand that won the fight for Hearns and the failure of Hills right that made the difference.

Everybody knows what the right hand is to Hearns and in the middle part of the fight he started to dominate by rocking the champion more than a few times. I had Hearns winning 6 ,7 ,8 and 9.which put him a few points up going down the stretch.

A young Freddy Roach was in a frenzy trying to tell Hill to let his punches go as he could see the title disappearing. Hill did rally on my card picking up 2 of the last 3 rounds but it was not enough.

Below is my scorecard along with some fight fans scores from different boxing forums. This fight was very hard to find scores on the net even checking the archive of boxrec , boxscene etc left not much to go on. Thanks goes out to the fans who scored this fight.

THOMAS HEARNS VS VIRGIL HILL Round 1 Round 2 Rounds 3 , 4 Rounds 5 , 6 Rounds 7 , 8 Rounds 9 . 10 Rounds 11 , 12 Judges Scores

Round 1.....Hill 10-9
Round 2.....Even 10-10
Round 3.....Hearns 10-9
Round 4.....Hill 10-9
Round 5.....Hill 10-9
Round 6.....Hearns 10-9
Round 7.....Hearns 10-9
Round 8.....Hearns 10-9
Round 9.....Hearns 10-9
Round 10...Hill 10-9
Round 11...Hearns 10-9
Round 12...Hill 10-9

TOTAL.....115-114 Thomas Hearns

Judges scores: Chuck Giampa 116-112 Hearns
                       Jerry Roth        115-113 Hearns
                       Art Laurie        115-113 Hearns


TV And Boxing Fans Scores

Freddie Pacheo (showtime) 115-113 Hearns

Eastsideboxing fans : 6-0 in favor of Hearns and only card posted was 116-113 Hearns

Boxrec fans : 3-0 in favor of Hearns with scores of 116-111 Hearns twice

Boxingscene fans : 1-0 in favor of hearns although no card was left

Boxingasylum fans: 1-0 in favor of Hearns , fan had Hreans up by 2 points

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