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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tiberi Tames Toney But Not The Judges

James Toney vs Dave Tiberi - IBF Middleweight Title

Browse around boxing forums and websites etc and you will find many threads dedicated to controversial decisions. The Toney vs Tiberi fight features quite alot on every forum as it was considered one of the worst of the 90s. Before watching and scoring this fight for the blog i had only read about this fight in the old 90s American boxing magazines. It wasn't until a member of the boxrec forums pointed this fight out that i actually watched it and then saw how Dave Tiberi was robbed but then retired.

The 3 main boxing websites i used for my research had hundreds of posts on this fight but didn't leave many scorecards although in total i got around 6-7. The overall thought was that Tiberi was robbed. Id say that about 80-85% of the fans thought that Tiberi won and won clearly. Fans who thought Toney won only saw him a winner by 1-2 points.

Thanks again to the member of boxrec (oliverfennell) who pointed me to this fight as it was a total war. Tiberi really went for it and should have got the title. Toney years later admitted that Tiberi had won as his swarming non stop punching style gave the champion so many problems.

I had Tiberi winning by 3 points but it should have been 4 as the ref in his first world title fight took a point off in the 6th for a low blow (8-4 in rounds). It was reported that Toney was weight drained for this fight but you cant take anything away from Tiberi who never took a backward step.

As mentioned Tiberi retired after this fight in a kind of protest. He was offered big money to come back but he kept his word and stayed out of the ring. An interesting story to come out of this fight was that 2 of the judges (William lerch and Frank Garza) who both scored for Toney were not Licenced in New Jersey?? so how this result stood is a mystery.

My scorecard is below but i only have fans forums views on this fight as i found it very hard to get any press , boxing mags etc to print a score in google search.

JAMES TONEY VS DAVE TIBERI Toney - Tiberi.... part 1 Toney - Tiberi....part 2 Toney - Tiberi....part 3 Toney - Tiberi....part 4

Round 1.....Toney 10-9
Round 2.....Tiberi  10-9
Round 3.....Tiberi  10-9
Round 4.....Tiberi  10-9
Round 5.....Tiberi  10-9
Round 6.....Toney 10-8.......ref deducts point from Tiberi for low blow
Round 7.....Tiberi  10-9
Round 8.....Tiberi  10-9
Round 9.....Tiberi  10-9
Round 10...Toney 10-9
Round 11...Toney 10-9
Round 12...Tiberi 10-9

TOTAL....115-112 Dave Tiberi

Judges scores : Frank Burnette 117-111..... Tiberi
                      : William Lerch 115-112........Toney
                      : Frank Garza  115-111.........Toney


Boxing forums and fans scores

Boxrec - lots of posts on this fight but only a few cards , 117-111 or 116-112 for Tiberi

Boxingscene - again lots of posts , 116-112 , 114-113 , 117-110 Tiberi , 114-114 by 2 posters

Eastsideboxing - plenty of posts saying Tiberi won , most favored 115-111 , 116-111 Tiberi

Alex Wallau - ABC - did the commentary on the fight and had Tiberi up by 3 going into the last round

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