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Friday, 28 January 2011

Controversy And Lost Respect In Las Vegas

 Oscar De La Hoya vs Felix Trinidad - WBC , IBF Welterweight Titles

In one of the last great fights of the 90s boxing superstars Oscar De La Hoya and Felix Trinidad finally got into the ring together. Many were expecting a modern day Leonard vs Hearns but what we ended up with was one very controversial fight which is still talked about today on the boxing websites and forums but also a fighter losing some of his fans and respect because of the way he finished the fight.

Oscar De La Hoya was the fighter who lost some respect , on course for his biggest victory he threw it away but running away from Felix Trinidad in the last 4 rounds and therefore blowing the fight. De La Hoya lost  part of his fan base that night as the Mexican fans began to turn their back on the Goldenboy because they feel a boxing warrior should fight till the death (and I'm not kidding when i mean death).

Going round the boxing forums and collating the scorecards from various press agencies i was a bit surprised with sheer number of fans and writers that favored De La Hoya in this fight. I though it was a very close fight because of the way De la Hoya ran in those final 4 rounds. My scorecard just like it did when i watched the fight live read 115-114 Trinidad although i have no problem with the draw.

Many of the rounds were very close . The 8th round was the only round i scored even as i felt that both fighters scored equal amount of jabs and right hands. The DVD i have of this fight is actually a recording on HBO which shows how the judges were scoring it round after round. The 8th round was scored 2-1 to Trinidad by the judges although HBO judge Harold Lederman scored the round to De La Hoya. It really was a tough round and fight to judge.

This fight is very hard to find online because HBO have probably banned it from certain sites so i have only a link to a mega upload thread which has the fight from

My scorecard is below like always along with boxing fans forums scores , tv and written press scores etc etc etc


Round 1.....De La Hoya
Round 2.....Trinidad
Round 3.....De La Hoya
Round 4.....Trinidad
Round 5.....De La Hoya
Round 6.....De La Hoya
Round 7.....De La Hoya
Round 8.....Draw
Round 9.....Trinidad
Round 10...Trinidad
Round 11...Trinidad
Round 12...Trinidad

TOTAL... 115-114 Felix Trinidad

Judges Scores : Glen Hamada 114-114 Draw
                         Bob Logist 115-114 Trinidad
                         Jerry Roth 115-113 Trinidad


TV , Boxing Sites And Fans Scores

HBO - Harold Lederman 114-114 , Larry Merchant 115-114 De La Hoya

Boxingscene fans - 33-6-8 (w l d) in favor of De La Hoya with most scores ranging from 115-113 to 116-112 some even went a wide 117-111....the fans who scored Trinidad had it 115-113 or 115-114

Associated Press - scored 115-113 De La Hoya

Boxrec fans - 22-6-1 (w l d) in favor of De La Hoya again with most scores 115-113 or 116-112 some had it tighter who picked Trinidad score by 115-114 or 115-113

NY Times - scored for De La Hoya but left no scorecard.

Boxingforum fans - 6-2 in favor of De La Hoya again scores from 115-113 to 116-112

Boxingchronicle - 116-112 De La Hoya

LA Times - Steve Springer 115-113 De La Hoya , Tim KawaKami 115-113 De La Hoya

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