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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Big Fight - Terrible Ending

Timothy Bradley vs Devon Alexander - WBO , WBC Light Welterweight Titles

They say styles make fights ?? well that certainly was the case on Saturday night at the Silverdome in Michigan USA when Tim Bradley and Devon Alexander fought to an unsatisfactory ending ,  Alexander made all the right noises to quit in the 10th round therefore the fight going to the scorecards.

Thank god the judges scored this fight correctly as they gave Tim Bradley a unanimous technical decision after 10 rounds. I watched the fight originally on a stream and scored 98-92 to Bradley but when i got home i watched the fight again , this time scoring 97-93 Bradley. One round of a difference.... the 6th.

This fight was difficult to score as most of the rounds were very close. I went for the come forward fighter in Bradley as it seemed Alexander was always backing off and not throwing enough punches. Fight fans around the world mostly had Bradley winning but there were a few that had the fight a draw. One or two even had Alexander winning??

Punch stats for the fight actually had Alexander out landing Bradley so it goes to show how sometimes these stats can be so wrong when just about everyone had Bradley winning by 2-4 points.

Like always my scorecard is below with all the fans scores , written press scores , TV scores and boxing website scores etc etc etc

TIMOTHY BRADLEY VS DEVON ALEXANDER  part 1   part 2   part 3

Round 1.....Bradley 10-9
Round 2.....Bradley 10-9
Round 3.....Bradley 10-9
Round 4.....Bradley 10-9
Round 5.....Alexander 10-9
Round 6.....Alexander 10-9
Round 7.....Alexander 10-9
Round 8.....Bradley 10-9
Round 9.....Bradley 10-9
Round 10...Bradley 10-9.....this round was only 1 min old due to the head clash.

TOTAL.....97-93 Timothy Bradley

Judges scores : Tom Miller....... 96-95 Bradley
                       Duane Ford.......97-93 Bradley
                       Omar Mintun.....98-93 Bradley


TV Boxing sites and Fans scores

HBO - Lederman 87-84 Bradley after 9 rounds
            Merchant 96-94 Bradley

SKY - Jim Watt 86-85 Bradley after 9 rounds

ESPN - Dan Rafael 97-93 Bradley

World Boxing News - 95-95 Draw

Ben Thompson (Fighthype) - 97-93 Bradley

Javier Rosas Jnr (boxingtalk) - 97-94 Bradley
Greg Leon (boxingtalk) had it a draw but with no card

George Elsmssar (bragging rights corner) - Bradley 98-92

Boxrec fans - 9-1 in favor of Bradley with most scores being 97-93

Boxingscene - 17-0-3 in favor of Bradley with most scores 97-93 or 96-94 , The draw was 95-95

Eastsideboxing - 12-1 in favor of Bradley with most scores 97-93 or 96-94

Budwieser forum fans - 3-0 in favor of Bradley with again most score 97-93

Bad Left Hook - 98-93 Bradley

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