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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Sturm Stops Hearns And History

Felix Sturm vs Ronald Hearns - WBA Middleweight Title

In Germany on Saturday night Defending WBA Champion Felix Sturm stopped the son of the Legendary Tommy Hearns by 7th round knockout. Ronald Hearns was hoping to emlulate his father who won the middleweight title 24 years ago by battering Juan Roldan in 4 rounds. Although really a Light-middleweight Ronald Hearns was given a surprise chance against the German champion maybe on the back of his surname?.

As the fight started Hearns looked loose and let his shots go but most of them were jabs that were hitting the champions arms. Sturm has a style similar to Arthur Abraham where he walks forward with hands held high around his face picking shots. What was apparent even this early in the fight was that Sturm was very accurate with his punches as he constantly caught the challenger when Hearns stopped his jab.

Round 2 again followed the same pattern with Hearns throwing more punches but not landing and Sturm picking his shots well. Hearns was constantly on the back foot and didn't have the power his father had to stop the champion getting close. The 3rd was harder to score , i had it 10-10 as Hearns began to land more with the jab but again was getting caught himself. It was the battle of the jabs withe very few right hands.

Sturm had a decent 4th as he continued to back the challenger up and catch him at will. To his credit though Hearns began the 5th much better and seemed to hurt the champion with a right to the body that made Sturm back up for the first minute and a half of the round. Sturm did come back late in the round  but it wasnt enough to even get a share.

The pace quickened in the 6th with the champion closing the distance much much quicker ,  right hands bounced of the challengers head and it only seemed a matter of time before Sturm got his victory as Hearns simply doesn't have enough pop on his punched to really make a dent.

 The end came in the 7th although a bit premature Hearns took a huge right to the head and seem to be a punch from going down before the ref (Raul Caiz jnr) jumped in and stopped the fight. It was far to early to stop the fight although there wasn't much of a complaint by Hearns or his camp. The champion moves on to bigger fights and NOW must move away from Germany for tougher fights as the quality of his challengers has not been great.One fight id love to see is Sturm vs Martinez but in all honesty i cant see it happening as Martinez will probably end the Germans Title reign probably by knockout.


My scorecard is below along with the usual boxing fans scores from the forums and websites.

Round 1.....10-9 Sturm
Round 2.....10-9 Sturm
Round 3.....10-10 Draw
Round 4.....10-9 Sturm
Round 5.....10-9 Hearns
Round 6.....10-9 Sturm

TOTAL...59-56 Felix Sturm


Boxing Fans And Websites Scores

Boxrec...7-0 in favor of Sturm with the only card being 60-55 Sturm

Eastsideboxing....8-0 in favor of Sturm with the only card being 59-55 Sturm

Boxingscene...9-2 in favor of Sturm with the only card being 60-54 Sturm

Fightfrancise (uppercutter)..had it 58-56 in favor of Hearns????

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