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Monday, 7 March 2011

A Mighty Effort

Saul Alvarez vs Matthew Hatton - Vacant WBC Light Middleweight Title

The headline says "a mighty effort" well they are not my words but the words of legendary fighter Roy Jones Jnr who was mentioning on HBO the effort displayed by Matthew Hatton who never gave up in his brave title challenge against 20 year old Mexican superstar Saul Alvarez.

On reflection of the scoring , this fight was all one way ( the 3 judges scored 119-108) but Hatton was competitive although thoroughly out gunned by Alvarez. The wonderkid won this fight handily but a lot more questions will now be asked as the new champion failed to knock out Hatton who is really a welterweight.

Everybody expected this fight to be a knockout for Alvarez probably after Hatton putting up some minor resistance but as the fight went on Alvarez began to get a little bit annoyed that he couldn't land that KO punch. The Mexican really does dig his punches in , his stand in front of you style will no doubt land him in exciting fights , add this to that he is quite easy to hit and you can see why he is being touted as the next big star. Against Hatton whenever Alvarez wanted he upped the pace and battered the brave Brit around the ring.

This was an easy fight to judge because of the way Alvarez was picking his punches , the difference in power though was telling as Hattons punches did no damage whilst Alvarez repeatably hurt Hatton especially to the body. Many gave Alvaez every round although he did lose a point for hitting on the break in the 7th.

All in all it was a decent performance by Alvarez but many who were watching i feel were expecting more especially the KO. Hatton though will walk away from this with huge credit and possible another shot on HBO , how about Hatton vs James Kirkland??? Kirkland returned on the undercard and won by a knockout.

Below as always is my scorecard along with the boxing fans forums scores , written press , TV guys and boxing websites scores on the fight.

Round 1.....Alvarez 10-9
Round 2.....Alvarez 10-9
Round 3.....Alvarez 10-9
Round 4.....Alvarez 10-9
Round 5.....Alvarez 10-9
Round 6.....Alvarez 10-9
Round 7.....Draw 9-9........Alvarez deducted 1 point for hitting after call of break
Round 8.....Draw 10-10
Round 9.....Alvarez 10-9
Round 10...Alvarez 10-9
Round 11...Alvarez 10-9
Round 12...Alvarez 10-9


Judges Scorecards : Jack Reese..... 119-108 Alvarez
                               Raul Caiz Snr...119-109 Alvarez
                               Joel Scobie.......119-109 Alvarez


TV , Fans Forums , Written Press and Boxing Websites Scores

Harold Lederman (HBO).......119-108 Alvarez

Jim Watt (SKY)......118-110 Alvarez

Dan Rafael (ESPN).....119-108 Alvarez

Graham Houston (Boxing Monthly)....119-108 Alvarez

Budweiser Forum....3-0 in favor of , 118-109 for Alvarez

Boxing Asylum Forum....3-2 in favor of , 115-113 Hatton?

Eastsideboxing Forum...22-0 in favor of x3 , 119-109 , 117-110

Boxrec Forum .....14-0 in favor of x 4 , 117-108 , 118-109

Boxingscene Forum...17-0 in favor of x 2

Badlefthook...4-0 in favor of 118-109 , 118-110 Alvarez

Livefight forum...10-0 in favor of Alvarez but no cards were left

Theboxingtruthradio...1-0 in favor of Alvarez....119-109 Alvarez

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