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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Redemption For Sykes

Gary Sykes vs Carl Johanneson - British Super Featherweight Title

Another main event on Sky TV another excellent fight. Gary Sykes and Carl Johanneson deserve immense credit for a very good and close fight last night in Huddersfield. Sky Sports must also be happy as so far this year  every main event has given the boxing fans well matched contests.

Sykes vs Johanneson was probably the closest fight this year to judge although the BBBof C judges did an excellent job by all agreeing that Sykes had done enough to retain his title. The champion started with his usual high tempo as the older and more experienced Johanneson couldn't keep up with his younger upstart. Johanneson though was landing body punches even though he was losing the first few rounds but as the fight began to reach the middle stages the constant pressure from the Leeds man began to tell as he was beginning to nail Sykes and slow him down.

The young champion rallied in the 7th and 8th rounds as the former champion began to  slow down himself , Johanneson had been landing big shots but none like the one punch kayo suffered by Sykes in his last fight vs Gray Buckland in the prizefighter format. That was to change though early in the 9th when Johanneson landed a massive overhand right that knocked Sykes to the ground. Johanneson then put everything into finishing the champion but Sykes showed that he has learned from his shock defeat by covering up well and grabbing hold of Johanneson. In the last 30 seconds of the round it was Sykes who was firing the punches as the older former champion had run out of gas. I feel this was the turning point in the fight as Sykes had proven to himself that he could come through a big crisis.

After 9 rounds i had it 86-85 Johanneson , the problem though was that in trying to finish Sykes Johanneson had used up too much energy. Sykes who is 5 years younger then began to use his famous work rate again and was able to out punch Johanneson in the last 3 rounds. This i feel is where the fight was won as on many cards the fight was very close until Johanneson's long career began to catch up on him.

After the fight Sykes promoter Frank Maloney said that he is hoping for a match between Sykes and new European Super Featherweight champion Ermano Fegatilli who dethroned Steve Foster Jnr last week.

Below as always is my scorecard along with the fans forums scores , TV , written press and boxing sites scorecards.

Round 1.....Sykes 10-9
Round 2.....Sykes 10-9
Round 3.....Johanneson 10-9
Round 4.....Johanneson 10-9
Round 5.....Johanneson 10-9
Round 6.....Draw 10-10
Round 7.....Sykes 10-9
Round 8.....Sykes 10-9
Round 9.....Johanneson 10-8
Round 10...Sykes 10-9
Round 11...Sykes 10-9
Round 12...Sykes 10-9

TOTAL.....SYKES 115-113

Judges Scorecards : Steve Gray .....116-112 Sykes
                               Mark Green.....115-112 Sykes
                               John Keane......115-113 Sykes


TV , Fans Forums , Written Press and Boxing Sites Scores

Glen McCrory (SKY).........114-113 Sykes
Ritchie Woodhall (SKY)......Sykes by 2 points
John Rawling (SKY)............Sykes just ahead

Bob Mee (SKY).......114-113 Sykes

Graham Houston (boxing monthly)....116-111 Sykes

Andrew Wake ( by 5 points

Ian McNeilly ( Sykes

Alexy Sukachev ( Draw Johanneson

Boxrec Forum - 8-0 in favor of , 115-113 , 114-113 , 117-112

Boxingasylum - 2-1 in favor of , 115-112 for Sykes

Budweiser Forum - 2-0 in favor of , 115-114

Eastsideboxing forum - 15-0-1 in favor of , 115-112 , 114-113
                                    116-113 x 2 , 115-113 x3 , 116-112 x 3 , 114-114 draw

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