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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Unification Beckons For Burns

Ricky Burns vs Joseph Laryea - WBO Super Featherweight Title

Two Voluntary defences out of the way , One big unification fight to come. That was the story of Saturday Nights SKY Sports main event where Ricky Burns made his 2nd successful title defence against Joseph Laryea. Fighting again at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow although not as big a crowd due to poor pricing (£50 was the lowest price for a ticket) Burns displayed the attributes that took him to that shock title win over Roman Martinez last September by totally outworking his Ghanaian challenger making his corner throw in the towel before the start of the 8th round.

Before the fight Laryea had made all the the threatening noises by mimicking that he was going to break Burns neck but in all honesty after 5 rounds Laryea was beginning to wilt as the Scottish champion began to dominate the fight.

The first few rounds were close with the taller Laryea being able to out jab Ricky but the champion still was winning the rounds due to the combination punching and body work. Round 3 was the first clear round for the champion as he began to work off his jab and land much more of those slashing right hands. The 4th many felt including the SKY commentators that Laryea had won the round. Not on my card though as i still felt that Burns was landing the cleaner blows.

Laryea's title challenge began to wilt late in the 5th as he began to slow down due to the high volume of punches still being thrown by the champion. The 6th was a dominating round for Burns as he stepped up the pace again , jab , right hand , left hook to the body and a left hook up top slammed into Laryea time after time. It was the same story in the 7th where Burns was now landing at will and it was clear that Laryea didn't have the same energy as in the first 4 rounds. I feel that it was just a matter of time before Laryea was totally gassed and Burns would have been announced the winner but the Ghanaians corner pulled their man out before the 8th round citing a broken right knuckle??.

The job was done and now Ricky can now look forward to a big summer showdown vs IBF Champion Mozonke Fana.

Below as always is my scorecard along with the fans forums scores , TV , written press and boxing websites scores on the fight.

Round 1....Burns 10-9
Round 2....Burns 10-9
Round 3....Burns 10-9
Round 4....Burns 10-9
Round 5....Burns 10-9
Round 6....Burns 10-9
Round 7....Burns 10-9



TV , Fans Forums , Written Press and Boxing Sites Scores

Billy Nelson - Burns Trainer.....Burns 70-64

Glen McCrory (sky).....69-64 Burns
John Rawling (sky).......69-64 Burns
Jim Watt (sky)..............69-64 Burns
Barry McGuigan (sky)..70-64 Burns
Bob Mee (sky).............69-64 Burns

Graham Houston (boxmonthly)....69-64 Burns

Ian McNeily (boxrec)...69-65 Burns

Boxrec Fans Forum.....9-0 in favor of x 4 , 70-64 , 69-64

Eastsideboxing Fans....12-0 in favor of x 4 , 70-63 x 2 , 70-64

Budweiser Fans Forum..2-0 in favor of , 70-63 (thebud)

Saddoboxing Forum.....5-0 in favor of Burns...card...70-63

Boxingscene Forum....6-0 in favor of Burns but there were no cards

Martin Hannan (the Scotsman paper)....70-63 Burns

Dan Risk ( Burns Burns

Tom Gray ( Burns

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